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Trufill is a high performance insulation system designed for new builds. The Trufill system can be installed into walls, roofs and floors and is suitable for most New Zealand home builds.

Trufill Insulation System
The Trufill system is industry certified and available nationwide through our installation partners.


Made from non-combustible Glasswool, Trufill® blown insulation is designed for timber frame walls, floors, skillion roofs and ceilings. The system is designed to provide high performance insulation for new build homes, completely filling the roof and ceiling cavities to create a complete thermal barrier for your home.
Trufill Roof

Ceiling Insulation

Blown at medium density for skillion and open or low for truss.
Trufill Walls

Wall Insulation

Blown at high density for typical homes or ultra for higher performance.
Trufill Midfloor

Midfloor Insulation

Blown at low to medium density depending on reqirements.
Trufill Underfloor

Underfloor Insulation

Blown at low to medium density depending on reqirements.

Technical Information for Specifiers

Builders and Installers

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Architects and Designers

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